Rugby is the father of American football. A fast paced, physical contest for possession and territory. Rugby is a game of space, speed and strategy where teamwork and commitment are essential for success. It's full contact, played on a field that is 100 yrds x 70yrds with 15 players per side. Substitutions are limited, so the best players are immensely fit.
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Griffins Rugby offers developmental youth rugby programs for boys and girls from 5 years old, including a graduated introduction to contact rugby for those who wish to try. What sets the Griffins apart is that we are are the ONLY youth rugby program in the area with full-time, professional coaches. Our young rugby players get to practice under the guidance of professional players. All coaches are background checked and screened and we aim for a 1:10 or better coach:child ratio at every session.


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Griffins Love BBQ!

The North Dallas Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Big D BBQ Battle is really three events in one: North Texas businesses field cooking teams that prepare brisket, ribs and beans overnight. Their wares are then judged by public officials and celebrities the next morning with trophies awarded later that day. The...

Match Report v Dallas (a)

With the hype surrounding this game everyone was going into it expecting it to be one of the best this year. The match was originally penned for Feb 28th but a fortuitous snowstorm allowed the Reds to delay rescheduling until they had several players return from injury. Griffins had appealed...

Match Report v HARC (h)

With the exception of the postponed game against Dallas Reds, the Griffins have officially entered the 2nd half of the season, playing the first of the return fixtures on Saturday against Houston Rugby. The first match of the season saw these two teams go toe to toe for 80 minutes...