Rugby is the father of American football. A fast paced, physical contest for possession and territory. Rugby is a game of space, speed and strategy where teamwork and commitment are essential for success. It's full contact, played on a field that is 100 yrds x 70yrds with 15 players per side. Substitutions are limited, so the best players are immensely fit.
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Griffins Rugby offers developmental youth rugby programs for boys and girls from 5 years old, including a graduated introduction to contact rugby for those who wish to try. What sets the Griffins apart is that we are are the ONLY youth rugby program in the area with full-time, professional coaches. Our young rugby players get to practice under the guidance of professional players. All coaches are background checked and screened and we aim for a 1:10 or better coach:child ratio at every session.


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Match Report v NOLA

With a win under the belt from last week’s trip to Houston, Griffins went into Sunday’s match against New Orleans feeling confident. While the Griffins 2nd team struggled against the far more experienced guests from Louisiana, it was expected that the first team would be far more prepared. Injuries to...

Match Report v HARC

The first match of the 2015 season has been a long time coming. Since Griffins started in 2008, the goal has always been to climb to the top of the US rankings and having successfully survived the first season in D1, 2015 is seen as time to make a big...

Griffins & Physmodo

September 15, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GRIFFINS RUGBY ANNOUNCE PHYSMODO AS 3 YEAR SPONSOR The Physmodo mission is to help in the care of athletes by utilizing the latest technologies, to keep athletes performing at their best. Griffins Rugby is pleased to announce Physmodo, a Dallas based technology company,...